Four questions...

1. Can you recover from a ransomware attack?

2. How quickly can you recover your environment?

3. Are you able to recover to an alternate DR facility, if required?

4. Can you orchestrate your recovery and test your ability to survive that event?


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>> Beyond the Breach - "Earlier this month, our own CTO, Danny Allan, sat down for an interview with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to discuss the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks like ransomware and what organizations should be thinking about when protecting their business." <<

A global assessment should be the very first step of the cybersecurity enforcement project. For this purpose, we have developped the following assessment checklist to be used as a starting point. -- Assessment

Security Architectures

Technical Security Blueprints - "Written in collaboration with Veeam’s Alliance Partners, our technical security blueprints* illustrate simple and predefined architecture implementation based on proven scenarios seen in the field."