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IMPORTANT note on "Change Rates"

In 35% of environments the daily change rate is 3% or less. In 50% of environments the change rate is 5% or less. In 70% of environments the change rate is 10% or less. In 90% of environments the change rate is 20% or less.

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Updated Inventory & Calculator Scripts

Updated Inventory & Calculator Scripts for counting Cores/TiBs for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and VMware vSphere Foundation (VVF)

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 (VBM) Calculators

Storage Decision Guide for Microsoft 365 Backups 

To provide an estimate for storage usage in a Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 deployment, we need the following data...





Retention Policy information is also required to estimate sizing, but please note that retention can be different between services.  (e.g. Exchange retained for 3 years, OneDrive for 2 years, SharePoint for 1 year, etc.)

Please follow these steps to retrieve the information.  You have the option to either extract the data from the reports, or if you are comfortable, provide them to your Veeam team for assistance. We will be using our public Veeam Calculator to provide sizing estimates.  This can be accessed at 


Exchange – 

OneDrive – 

SharePoint –

Teams – 

Miscellaneous Cloud Calculators

**all pricing below is reflective of Jan 2022 pricing on a 1-year reserved 1TB capacity**

Forums: Wasabi vs Backblaze B2 vs iDrive E2 - June 29, 2022 

"Roughly how much would 100TB of cloud object storage cost per month?" *Click Here*

NOTE: PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CLOUD PROVIDER FOR FORMAL PRICING INFORMATION. The following details are derived from publicly accessible calculators.

Amazon Web Services...

Microsoft Azure...

Google Cloud Platform...


Linode (Note: 50TB)...

Consider the following to reduce API costs...

…………restore requests are made largely from the PERFORMANCE TIER unless the requests are for much older data. This reduces the API costs significantly.

*Contact your cloud provider for official pricing!"

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