DR Temperatures

"Hot DR" - "Warm DR" - "Cold/Cloud DR" - "Frozen"

Hot DR - RTO/RPO of Seconds/Minutes

Intended for virtual Infrastructures (VMware) with two (or more) geographically separated locations/regions with high speed connectivity.

Diagram A - Hot DR

Warm DR - RTO/RPO of Minutes/Hours

Intended for virtual Infrastructures (VMware or Hyper-V) with two (or more) geographically separated locations/regions.

Diagram B - Warm DR with Replicas

Diagram C - Warm DR with Backup Copy Jobs

Cold/Cloud DR - RTO/RPO of Hours

Veeam Backups copied/moved to a public (or private) cloud provider.

Diagram D - Recovery TO the cloud -and- Recovery IN the cloud

Frozen DR - RTO/RPO Undetermined
(Also known as the BON JOVI plan - "Livin' on a Prayer!")