What's new in VBR 12?

Veeam v12 Sneak Peek: direct backup to Object Storage - Aug 30 2022 - 2–3 minutes

Veeam v12 Sneak Peek: what's new


Pure - Major Update to Veeam Backup & Replication to Benefit Pure Customers - Nov 10 2022

Optimizing hybrid cloud backup for 2023 with V12

VBR V12 New Capabilities for Service Providers

Rapid, Reliable and Resilient Recovery with Veeam Data Platform v12

Security Readiness Best Practices with Veeam Data Platform v12

Core Architecture Improvements

  • Configuration Database on PostgreSQL

  • Per-machine backup chains

  • VeeaMover – copy & move backups

  • Background Retention

  • Unified Backup Copy Job

  • Multiple gateway servers

  • IPv6 support – all products

  • New compression algorithm

Security And Compliance Improvement

  • gMSA support

  • Kerberos support

  • MFA for console

  • Auto log off

  • Classified Data Marking

Object Storage

  • Direct to object storage

  • Improved format

  • Immutability for GFS

Scale-Out Repository

  • Object Storage everywhere

  • Rebalance

  • Multiple buckets per SOBR tier

  • Export Backups from capacity or archive tier

NAS Backup

  • Direct to Object Storage

  • Archive copy mode

NAS Continued

  • Immutability support

  • Nutanix Files change file tracking

  • Improved health check

  • Rotated drives support

  • SMB instant recovery incl. migration

  • Publish NFS as SMB share


  • Linux Proxy

  • vCD-to-vCD

  • CDP to vCD via Cloud Connect

Agent Management Improvements

  • Direct to Object Storage

  • Protection Groups for Cloud agents

  • Recovery Token for Bare Metal Recovery

  • gMSA support

Veeam Agent for Windows standalone

  • Direct to object storage

  • Block level incremental file backup

  • SQLite as configuration “database”

Veeam Agent for Linux standalone

  • Direct to object storage

  • GFS support

  • LVM snapshots

Veeam Agent for AIX and Solaris

  • Bare metal restore

Veeam Agent for MAC

  • Universal package

  • Resume jobs

Application integrations

  • AAIP for Postgres incl new Explorer

  • Enterprise Plug-ins

    • Hardened Repository Support

    • IPv6

    • Centralized management

    • VDI Plug-In for SQL

Primary and secondary storage integrations

  • Nimble peer-persistence support

  • StoreOnce catalyst immutability support

  • StoreOnce CloudBank support

  • Fujitsu Eternus CS800 integration

  • Infinidat Infiniguard integration

  • Universal Storage API 2.0

Tape support

  • Tape server on Linux

  • Scalable file-to-tape

  • NAS backups to tape

  • Backups from object storage to tape

  • Better LTO9 support


Enterprise Manager

Console and all the small things..............................