Veeam FAQs

How important is it to you to have a vendor on the Gartner Backup Systems Magic Quadrant? 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Does Veeam offer a single pane of glass management for multi-device and site management? Yes (Centralized Management for the Enterprise / Veeam ONE)

Backups and Archives

  1. Is Veeam easy to install? Yes (Veeam Backup & Replication - Installation)

  2. Is Veeam easy to manage? Yes (Veeam Backup & Replication – Console Overview)

  3. Does Veeam offer a simple and flexible licensing model? Yes (Veeam Universal License)

  4. Does Veeam natively offer an integrated archive feature of primary data? Yes (Methods for Archive Backups Creation)

  5. Does Veeam offer dynamic backup load balancing (for virtual environments)? Yes (How to properly load balance your backup infrastructure)

  6. Does Veeam natively offer efficient file system NAS backups (without dedicated components)? Yes (Veeam Availability Suite v10 - NAS Operations)

  7. Does Veeam natively offer significant data reduction? Yes (Deduplication, Compression & Encryption - What's the difference?)

  8. Does Veeam natively support cloud object storage as backup media? Yes (How to move data to Veeam Cloud Tier for long-term data retention)

  9. Does Veeam natively support tape as backup media? Yes (How Machines Backup to Tape Works)

  10. Does Veeam offer content filters, both exclusion and inclusion? Yes (Job Filter)

  11. Does Veeam have a deployment option that is specifically a Linux o/s, or even a hardened appliance? Yes (How to deploy and configure Veeam Agent for Linux)

  12. Does Veeam offer data transfer performance efficiencies? Yes (Specify Data Transfer Settings)

  13. Does Veeam offer WAN optimization (beyond just data reduction)? Yes (What are the benefits of using WAN acceleration in Veeam Backup & Replication)


  1. Does Veeam offer sub one day RPO's? Yes (Demystifying Recovery Objectives)

  2. Does Veeam offer instant access/live recovery? Yes (Veeam Backup & Replication - How to perform Instant VM Recovery)

  3. Does Veeam offer live file access? Yes (How to perform Instant file-level recovery)

  4. Does Veeam offer BMR (Bare Metal Recovery) and dissimilar hardware restore? Yes (Recovery media in depth – Bare Metal Recovery process)

  5. Does Veeam have a natively integrated, granular and global search feature? Yes (Veeam Backup Search Capabilities)

Application Integration

  1. Does Veeam offer storage array snapshot management and integrated backups? Yes (How to configure Backup from Storage Snapshots)

  2. Does Veeam offer offers Hyper-Converged snapshot integration? Yes (Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV)

  3. Does Veeam support AHV at the host level? Yes (Nutanix Mine with Veeam product demo)

  4. Does Veeam support multiple hypervisors? (Excluding AHV) Yes

  5. Does Veeam support more than just the most common Application Agents? Yes (Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows and Linux - Availability for public cloud and physical workloads)

  6. Does Veeam offer granular database table level recovery? Yes (How to restore Microsoft SQL databases with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL)

  7. Does Veeam allow application owners (like DBAs) to perform their own backups? Yes

  8. Does Veeam offer protection for IBM Power Systems w/ AIX, and/or Linux? Yes (How to backup and restore IBM AIX operating systems)

  9. Does Veeam offer Kubernetes backups? Yes (Veeam and Kasten partner to deliver Kubernetes-native backup) -- Why Kasten Matters to the Data Protection Industry – and to Veeam

Replication/Disaster Recovery

  1. Can Veeam replicate a Production environment to a Secondary/Disaster Recovery location? Yes (Veeam Backup & Replication - What Is Data Replication?)

  2. Does Veeam offer DR orchestration, audit report, and bonus-warm DR resources (replica VMs pre-configured and running off network)? Yes (Veeam VAO)

  3. Does Veeam offer bandwidth throttling for replication? Yes (Limiting Bandwidth Consumption)


  1. Does Veeam offer cloud portability -VM conversion between MS Azure and AWS? Yes (How to restore and convert your workloads directly to the cloud)

  2. Does Veeam offer cloud supported backups and restores (hardware-based snapshot integration)? Yes (Backup from Storage Snapshots)

  3. Does Veeam offer minimal ongoing requirements from cloud resources for static data, (for backup archive) and specifically supports AWS Glacier and/or Azure? Yes

Cloud (IaaS)

  1. Does Veeam backup native AWS instances? Yes (Veeam AWS)

  2. Does Veeam backup native Azure instances? Yes (Veeam Azure)

Cloud (SaaS)

  1. Does Veeam offer Office365 support? Yes (VBO)

  2. Does Veeam natively offer Mailbox/Message/File Level Recovery? Yes (How to restore Microsoft Exchange email items using Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange)

Managed Service Providers

  1. Does Veeam offer a wide range of Managed Service Providers? Yes (Veeam partners offer a host of Veeam-powered services)


  1. Does Veeam offer ransomware detection and prevention/protection? Yes (Ransomware Prevention Kit)

  2. Does Veeam offer advanced reporting and data analytics? Yes (Analytics & Visibility)

  3. Does Veeam natively integrate endpoint protection? Yes (Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE Now Available)