Veeam CDP

What is Veeam CDP?
"Continuous data protection, also called continuous backup or real-time backup, refers to backup of computer data by automatically saving a copy of every change made to that data, essentially capturing every version of the data that the user saves." (Source)

  • Achieve the most demanding recovery SLAs with minimal data loss with instant failover to the latest state or point-in-time at a granularity as low as 2-10 seconds

  • Managed from the same easy-to-use console without the need for specialized training

  • Flexible component deployment options across physical or virtual environments that make the most of your infrastructure (no workload or hardware dependency)

  • No VM Snapshot

  • Policy-based approach

  • No additional licensing costs allowing you to focus the saved spend on other IT initiatives

  • Instantly fail over to the latest state or point in time with ultra-low RPO granularity

  • Eliminate cumbersome, disconnected point products that add complexity and cost

  • Customize RPOs and deployment options that actually help meet your recovery objectives

"We have entered an era where critical business applications require a higher, more reliable level of protection. With Veeam CDP in Veeam Backup & Replication v11, organizations can use a policy-driven approach to protect Tier One applications with per-second RPOs stretching across a defined replication window. From there, those workloads can be recovered quickly and with minimal loss of data, ensuring business continuity is met and potential loss of reputation is avoided"

(See diagrams below)

Veeam v11: Continuous Data Protection (CDP) - Paolo Valsecchi

My 7 Favorite Things About Veeam CDP -