Veeam Backup for GCP (v2)

What is Veeam Backup for GCP?
GCP: "Similar to Veeam's AWS and Azure products, Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is native to the cloud provider. Previously, Veeam users needed an agent for Google data protection, but native backup is superior. Oct 20, 2020." - (Source)

Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform is now available in the Google Marketplace!
"Version 1.0 of our new solution allows policy-based snapshot protection, copy to object storage repository, and includes our innovative cost calculator. Customers can use free edition, BYOL and VUL."

The ability to natively protect Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Veeam Backup and Replication via integration with Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform....

  • Direct restore ANY Veeam backup to GCP, ideal for disaster recovery, migrations, dev/test and more

  • Veeam enables you to directly recover ANY Veeam backup to GCP in just two steps, be it for disaster recovery, migrations, dev/test, or otherwise

  • Natively protect GCP using policy-based automation of snapshots for low RTO/RPOs and backup to object storage classes to optimize spend

  • Centralize GCP data protection and management of your entire environment (cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS, and Kubernetes) under one platform

  • Accelerate cloud adoption with the freedom to switch or migrate to/from GCP with ease

  • Confidently protect your GCP data with native backup and recovery purpose-built for GCP

  • Standardize GCP data protection and management with the rest of your environment

  • Directly restore from ANY Veeam backup to GCP Compute Engine instances (VMs)

  • Natively backup GCP workloads, purpose-built for simplicity, security and savings

  • Centrally manage your entire hybrid environment using one platform from the industry leaders

3 new capabilities of Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform v2

  1. Centralized data management

  2. Cloud Archive storage

  3. Automation and the RESTful API

Veeam v11: backup to Google Cloud Storage - Paolo Valsecchi 16/11/2022 - 2 minute read


  • Google Cloud Archive offers extremely low-cost storage for data archiving and long-term backup.

  • Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform now supports this tier for cloud-native backup of Google services.

  • Automatically tier Google-native backups to Google Cloud Archive Storage for lowest cost retention.

  • Integrate and automate Google Cloud backup with other workflows and apps

Veeam for Google Cloud Platform

Veeam for Google Cloud Platform

Veeam for Google Cloud Platform


Object Storage: "One of the new options available in Veeam Backup & Replication v11 is the ability to add Google Cloud Storage in as a Capacity Tier option for your Scale-Out backup repository. With each new release we are seeing the object storage options available to users grow. Whether you want to use your own on-premise solution or leverage one of the public cloud providers Veeam have you covered." - (Source)