TikTok (...in my opinion)

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In December of 2022, a proposal by Wisconsin Republicans (Rep. Mike Gallagher, Sen. Ron Johnson, and Reps. Glenn Grothman, Bryan Steil, Scott Fitzgerald, and Tom Tiffany) asked Governor Tony Evers to ban TikTok from from all state government devices. 

MY TAKE: I absolutely could not agree more with this request and encourage Governor Evers to take immediate action. TikTok is bound by Chinese Law and IS absolutely, 100%, a risk to our national security. This issue is not, nor should it ever be, even remotely a political issue. The US military banned its members from using TikTok on government devices or at all in late 2019 and early 2020, as did the Transportation Security Administration and some other federal agencies. I would like to publicly  encourage Governor Evers to take the same action in Wisconsin.

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Note: Although they're owned by the same company, China's version of TikTok offers a child-friendly version, with educational videos and a time limit, that isn't offered in the United States. To quote Rep. Mike Gallagher: "TikTok is like 'digital fentanyl' for users."

** Dec 9, 2022, reply from the Office of State Senator Dale Kooyenga | 5th Senate District **

"Last session, Sen. Kooyenga authored Senate Bill 786 (SB786) which would have tightened security standards for the procurement of state devices. While that bill passed the Senate on a party-line vote, it did not receive a vote in the Assembly".

Jan 13, 2023 Update...

Wisconsin governor bans popular TikTok app - SCOTT BAUER - Associated Press

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