VMware ESXi on Pi

"As part of VMworld 2020, VMware announced the availability of the ESXi hypervisor on a range of ARM devices, including the Raspberry Pi. Many home lab fans will be looking to get hold of this software and see how virtualizing on ARM might work. Are there any practical benefits to virtualizing the Raspberry Pi?" ESXi on Raspberry Pi

Can Raspberry Pi run VMware?
"VMWare has certified a few systems for datacenter use. They also have certified it for the Raspberry Pi 4, but only for what they call “Far Edge”. You will need a USB thumb drive to act as your VMWare installer. Finally, you will need a place to install VMWare to." Source - Nov 8, 2020

What is ESXi arm?
"As the name suggests, ESXi-Arm is a version of ESXi built to run on 64-bit Arm processors. This work included extending hardware standards, firmware standards, and certification beyond the existing Arm server ecosystem, which enabled us to support platforms like SmartNICs and the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi." Source - Oct 6, 2020