What is CyberPatriot?

"CyberPatriot is a national youth cyber education program created in the United States to help direct students toward careers in cybersecurity or other computer, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. The program was created by the Air Force Association. It features the annual National Youth Cyber Defense Competition for high school and middle school students. " - Source

CyberPatriot is the nation's largest youth cyber education program.

  • CyberPatriot offers hands-on, experiential learning and competition.

  • CyberPatriot participants pledge confirming commitment to act responsibly in the cyber world.

  • CyberPatriot LOOKS GREAT on a college, employment, or an academy application.

What do you do in CyberPatriot?

"Through a series of online competition rounds, teams are given a set of virtual operating systems and are tasked with finding and fixing cybersecurity vulnerabilities while maintaining critical services." - Source

How does the CyberPatriot competition work?

“CyberPatriot's National Youth Cyber Defense Competition challenges teams of high school and middle school students to find and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities in virtual operating systems. Using a proprietary competition system, teams are scored on how secure they make the system.”

"When teams fix a vulnerability that is being checked, they receive points. If they take an action that makes a system less secure, they lose points. Teams can also gain points by answering forensics questions about actions they took to solve their vulnerabilities." - Source

CyberPatriot and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

All-Service Division: Open to all JROTC Services, Civil Air Patrol squadrons, US Naval Sea Cadet Corps units. The registration fee is waived for teams competing in the All-Service Division. In its 14th year, the CyberPatriot program has more than 5,200 teams competing, of which the Sea Cadet youth organization has 27 teams enrolled.”

What is the time commitment for participating in CyperPatriot?

The time commitment for CyberPatriot is very flexible. The learning experience is a combination of live, in person training, live virtual training, and on-demand recordings.

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