"RVTools is a VMware utility that connects to your vCenter server and captures every bit of information about your virtual machines (VMs) and your ESXi hosts that you'd want to know. This is a free tool created by Rob de Veij and it works well for all VMware vSphere and V13 computing environments".

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How do I use RVTools?
"Once RVTools has been installed, you can run it by entering RVTools at the Start prompt. This will bring up the RVTools log-in interface (Figure 3), where you can enter the IP address or DNS and credentials of a vCenter Server or ESXi host."

NOTE: RVTools exports can be imported into the Veeam Size Estimation Tool (VSE).

RVTools Import (Info)
"You are able to import RVTools data into the workload by simply clicking the 'Choose file' button and selecting the RVTools in .xlsx format. This will automatically update the VM Quantities, Capacity and VM to VMDK ratio in the Workload form. These figures are taken from the 'vInfo' worksheet. The metrics used are:"

"Import will error if the vInfo tab or if any of the required columns are missing from the 'vInfo' worksheet."

"All data is processed locally on the client machine and held in local memory for the period of use. Closing the browser window will destroy this information."