Backup Encryption

Should I encrypt my backup data?
Backups should be encrypted whenever they contain any data that is important to an organization and there is any chance that the data could be accessed by non-authorized organizations.

“Encrypt your data in the cloud – or someone else will!!”Rick Vanover

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"Backups are a prime target for malicious actors!"Rick Vanover

AES 256 encryption

AES-256 ("Advanced Encryption Standard" or "Rijndael Algorithm") is the strongest encryption standard. It has a key length of 256 bits and is considered unbreakable by brute force attacks based on current computing power (56-bit DES key can be cracked in less than a day)

There has yet to be a single instance of AES-256 ever being hacked into.  There are simply not enough bits available to recover the original data from the hash alone. AES-256 uses 14 rounds of encryption, compared to 10 rounds of AES-128, and 12 rounds of AES 192. AES-256 does, however, consume 40% more computer system resources than AES-192. The only potential weakness is the key that you choose to use (so....yeah...choose a strong key!).

NOTE: Encrypting your data should be part of your multi-layered Ransomware protection strategy.