Miscellaneous - Sizers and Calculators

The three most popular Common Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) Calculators...

Number 1: The Restore Point Calculator - By Timothy Dewin, SE working for Veeam

Number 2: The Veeam Backup Capacity Calculator

  • Best used for Primary Backup (Performance Tier), Backup Copy, and Capacity Tier sizing.

  • "Sizing, component, architecture and costing recommendations for an end users on-premise, hybrid and/or multi cloud set of VBR solution requirements".

Number 3: The Veeam Size Estimation Tool (VSE) - From the Veeam Architects Site

    • Best used for management requirements, repository capacities, and per-site proxy and repository requirements (CPU, RAM, storage, etc...).

    • NOTE the option to import data from RVTools.

    • "Quick tip: If you want to calculate ONLY using Cloud as a copy target for offsite data - do not turn on Capacity Tier under Workload settings - then go to the Object tab and you can select the Copy Only mode."

    • How to Size Veeam for YOUR Environment - Veeam Size Estimation Tool

    • SQL Express is bundled with Veeam. Consider using the full blown SQL if you are protecting more than 500 VMs or using files to tape extensively.

IMPORTANT note on "Change Rates": In 35% of environments the daily change rate is 3% or less. In 50% of environments the change rate is 5% or less. In 70% of environments the change rate is 10% or less. In 90% of environments the change rate is 20% or less.


    • Example 1: 200 VMs consuming 100TB of data, with a 10% growth rate. a three-year scope, an 8-hour backup window, a 5% daily change rate, assuming a 50% data reduction rate, using ReFS, with 21 daily recovery points, would result in ~150TB in a backup repository.

    • Example 2: The exact same scenario as above, only with 14 daily, 4 weekly, 6 monthly, and 3 yearly recovery points (GFS), with backups moved to a Capacity Tier after 21 days, would result in ~150TB in a SOBR Performance Tier and ~200TB in a SOBR Capacity Tier/Archive Tier (S3-compatible).

*Click Here* for additional Veeam Backup and Replication (VBR) Calculators

  1. The Restore Point Simulator (Version:0.4.1) - By Timothy Dewin, SE working for Veeam

  2. VBR Sizing Calculator: "SizingMath-v10.xlsx" - Contact Me Directly

  3. VBR Sizing Calculator: "EnvironmentDataAnalysis-1.1.02" - Contact Me Directly

  4. Sizing for Local Backup Repositories - By Global Data Vault

  5. Veeam Infrastructure Sizing - By d8taDude.com

  6. Veeam Backup Sizing Tools - By vPractices

  7. Backup Capacity Calculator - Wintelguy.com

  8. ReFS - By Timothy Dewin, SE working for Veeam

  9. NAS Calculator - By CloudOasis

  10. ProPartner Sizing Tool - NOTE: Veeam Partners and Internal only

  11. "Veeam_VBR_Estimation_Calculation.XLS" - Contact Me Directly

  12. "Object_Storage_Calculator.XLS" - Contact Me Directly

  13. "NAS Calculator.XLS" - Contact Me Directly

  14. Veeam ONE database calculator

  15. HPE Assessment Foundry - HPE Sizing Tools

  16. Quick Bandwidth - By Timothy Dewin, SE working for Veeam

  17. Bandwidth Calculator - By Timothy Dewin, SE working for Veeam

  18. Bandwidth Calculator - Calculate File and Data Transfer times - bobcloud.net

  19. Wolframalpha - Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase and AI technology

  20. Great content is also available at: rhyshammond.com

Miscellaneous Cloud Calculators...

  1. AWS Pricing Calculator - AWS

  2. AWS S3 Pricing Calculator - AWS

  3. AWS S3 Standard vs S3 Infrequent Access - Gulam Shakir

  4. Unofficial Amazon AWS Glacier Calculator - Wong Liang Zan

  5. Azure Pricing Calculator - Microsoft

  6. Google Storage Pricing - Google

  7. Wasabi Cloud Storage Pricing - "Cloud storage pricing that is 80% less than Amazon S3" according to Wasabi" - Note: No data transfer fees,

    • Veeam: Backups protected against Ransomware thanks to Wasabi with Object Lock, step by step - Jorge de la Cruz - 11:52 video

    • "There are Two ways to purchase Wasabi: Pay-as-you-Go and Reserved Capacity Storage..."

      1. Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) helps you save money by committing to a period of 1 to 5 year plans for cloud storage capacity. RCS purchases start at 25TB for 1 year.

      2. Pay-as-you-Go costs $5.99 per TB/mo. We'll charge your credit card a minimum of 1 TB per month ($5.99). After that, we'll charge $0.0059/GB/month. Wasabi has no fees for egress or API requests.

**all pricing below is reflective of Jan 2022 pricing on a 1-year reserved 1TB capacity**

  • Wasabi (1TB) - $5.99 - No Ingress, Immutability Available

  • Azure (1TB) - Hot: $18-21, Cool: $10-$15, Archive: $0.99-$2

  • AWS (1TB) - Hot: $21-$26, Cool: $12-$14, Archive: $0.99-$4, Immutability Available

  • Google Cloud (1TB) - Hot: $21, Cool: $7.15, Archive: $2.56

  • iLand (1TB) - Hot: $14 - No Ingress

  • 2023 could be the year of public cloud repatriation

Forums: Wasabi vs Backblaze B2 vs iDrive E2 - June 29, 2022

*Click Here* for additional Cloud Calculators

  1. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage - "Seamlessly Backup Veeam to the Cloud"

  2. Cloudian TCO Calculator - Calculate your savings.

  3. Scality TCO Calculator - Estimate Cost Savings.

  4. MinIO Pricing - MinIO Subscription Network

  5. Linode Cloud Computing TCO Calculator

    • Linode Object Storage costs a flat rate of $5/month, and includes 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of outbound data transfer. Beyond that, it's $0.02 per GB per month.

  6. Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing Estimator - Justin's IT Blog

  7. Object_Storage_Calculator.xls - Contact Me Directly

  8. HPE: HPE Assessment Foundry Finder

*Click Here* "Roughly how much would 100TB of cloud object storage cost per month?"

NOTE: PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CLOUD PROVIDER FOR FORMAL PRICING INFORMATION. The following details are derived from publicly accessible calculators.

Amazon Web Services...

  • AWS S3 Standard - $2304......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering - $1280 to $2304......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • AWS S3 Standard - Infrequent Access - $1280......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • AWS S3 One Zone - Infrequent Access - $1024......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • AWS Amazon S3 Glacier - $410......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • AWS Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive - $101......plus DATA TRANSFER.

Microsoft Azure...

  • Azure Standard Performance Hot $2,087.32......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • Azure Standard Performance Cool $1,556.48......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • Azure Standard Performance Archive $101.38......plus DATA TRANSFER.

Google Cloud Platform...

  • GCP Standard Storage: $2048......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • GCP Nearline Storage: $1024......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • GCP Coldline Storage: $409......plus DATA TRANSFER.

  • GCP Archive Storage: $122.88......plus DATA TRANSFER.


Linode (Note: 50TB)...

  • Linode Object Storage: $1000...

    • 50TB / 1 TB Outbound Transfer

    • Up to 50 Million Objects per Cluster

    • $.02 / GB Additional Storage / $.01 / GB Additional Outbound Transferred

Consider the following to reduce API costs...

  • Backups are written to the PERFORMANCE TIER (such as a Hardened Linux Repo)…

  • Backups get copied immediately from the PERFORMANCE TIER to the CAPACITY TIER (AWS S3).

  • Backups/Archives get moved from the PERFORMANCE TIER to the CAPACITY TIER (AWS S3) after XXX days (basically they are just removed from the PERFORMANCE TIER).

  • Backups/Archives get moved from the CAPACITY TIER (AWS S3) to the ARCHIVE TIER (AWS Glacier) after YYY days.

…………restore requests are made largely from the PERFORMANCE TIER unless the requests are for much older data. This reduces the API costs significantly.

*Contact your cloud provider for official pricing!"