Cybersecurity Criticality Levels (1 to 5)

Below are common definitions for levels of cybersecurity incident criticality.

Low Criticality (Level 1 - Cybersecurity Incident):

Medium Criticality (Level 2 - Cybersecurity Incident):

High Criticality (Level 3 - Cybersecurity Incident):

Critical (Level 4 - Cybersecurity Incident):

Emergency (Level 5 - Cybersecurity Incident):

In the context of cybersecurity, the criticality levels help organizations prioritize their incident response efforts and allocate resources appropriately. Prompt identification and classification of a cybersecurity incident's criticality are crucial to mounting an effective response and mitigating potential harm

An organization's cybersecurity incident response plan should outline the specific actions and response times associated with each criticality level to ensure a swift and well-coordinated response to security threats.