Sec Auditing: Nessus


Nessus is one of the most widely used and reliable vulnerability scanning tools in the cybersecurity industry. Developed by Tenable Network Security, it is designed to automate the process of identifying and resolving vulnerabilities within networks, systems, and applications.

Key Features

How Nessus Works

Types of Scans


Strengths and Limitations



YouTube: Install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner in Kali Linux

YouTube: How to Install Nessus in Kali Linux

Basic Guide

Using Nessus on Kali Linux involves several steps, as Nessus is a powerful vulnerability scanner used for network security. Here's a general guide on how to get started:

Remember that scanning networks without permission is illegal. Always have authorization before scanning any network with Nessus or any other network scanning tool. Additionally, Nessus is a complex tool with many features, so it's beneficial to refer to the official Nessus documentation or tutorials for in-depth guidance.


Nessus is a powerful tool for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in various IT environments. Its versatility, extensive database, and detailed reporting make it an essential tool for cybersecurity professionals. However, effective use of Nessus requires an understanding of network architecture and potential security threats, as the tool serves as a component in a broader cybersecurity strategy.

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