Pwd Cracking: Fern Wi-Fi Cracker


In the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity, Kali Linux stands out as a premier tool for security professionals. Among its many features is the Fern Wi-Fi Cracker, a powerful software for analyzing and cracking Wi-Fi networks. 

What is Fern Wi-Fi Cracker?

Fern Wi-Fi Cracker is a wireless security auditing and attack software program that comes pre-installed with Kali Linux. It is designed to crack and recover WEP/WPA/WPS keys and also run other network-based attacks on wireless or Ethernet-based networks.

Key Features

Setting Up Fern

Executing an Attack

Basic Guide

Fern Wi-Fi Cracker usually comes pre-installed with Kali Linux. To launch Fern, navigate to the Kali Linux applications menu and find Fern under Wireless Attacks -> Fern Wifi Cracker. Alternatively, you can start it from the terminal with `sudo fern-wifi-cracker`.

Upon launch, Fern requests permission to activate the computer's wireless interface. Grant this permission to proceed.

Password Cracking

Ethical Considerations and Legal Compliance

While Fern is a powerful tool, it’s crucial to remember that unauthorized access to networks is illegal. Always have explicit permission before testing a network.


Fern Wi-Fi Cracker, as part of the Kali Linux suite, is an excellent tool for ethical hackers to test network security. Its ease of use combined with powerful features makes it a go-to for professionals. However, it's important to use this tool responsibly and within the bounds of the law.