Indications of Possible Ransomware Activity


While various security measures are designed to ward off such intrusions, early detection is pivotal to minimizing its impact. Sophisticated backup systems are not just tools for data recovery, but they can also serve as early warning systems. Understanding these subtle hints can empower organizations to act swiftly, preventing further damage and safeguarding their digital assets.

Steady (non-bursts) increase in workload for a volume.

The workload is approximately 50% read, and 50% write.

The workload has 0% compression and 0% deduplication.

Sudden Change in Incremental Backups.

While these indicators can be suggestive of ransomware activity, it's important to note that they are not definitive proof on their own. Other activities or malfunctions can sometimes produce similar patterns. However, if you observe these indicators in combination and especially if they deviate from the baseline or expected behavior for the system in question, it's essential to investigate further and consider the possibility of an ongoing ransomware attack. 

Ransomware is a persistent threat, and the earlier it's detected, the better the chances of mitigating its effects. Backup systems can be invaluable in these situations, not just as a means of recovery but also as an early warning system.